Mixed Vegetables


Libby’s Mixed Vegetables bring a variety of garden-fresh vegetables together into a versatile menu standout. They are always delicious, nutritious, low in calories, and fat free. The product’s quality makes it a perfect choice as a stand-alone side dish, adding taste, texture, and color to entrees of every kind. Combined with savory chicken stock, they make excellent – and easy – soups, like Vegetable Chowder.

Peas & Carrots are the perfect American side dish. This classic heat-and-serve vegetable blend brings delicious flavor and wonderful color to many of your most popular entrees, including steaks, chops, and chicken. Our Peas & Carrots are big in taste, yet low in calories and fat free – that makes this blend a pleasing addition to casseroles, soups, and even signature pasta dishes.

*Mixed Vegetables are also available in 2950g size
*Peas & Carrots are also available in 2980g size

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